Pronounced a-REN-ig. With the A said as in apple; and being Welsh, the emphasis is on the penultimate syllable.

A photo of Arenig Fawr fand Llyn Celyn from Brottos oppositeA mountain range in North Wales. Principle peaks being Arenig Fawr, Moel Llyfnant & Rhobell Fawr.

A geological rock formation, deposited during the lower Ordovician era. Here be trilobites.

A former railway halt on the Bala to Ffestiniog line.

Much loved by hill-walkers, climbers and cliff hangers.

Photographed a lot.

Immortalised in paint. Notably by Augustus John and James Dickson-Innes among many.

The last resting place for B-17 Flying Fortress 42-3134 which crashed, killing 8 crewmen on 4th August 1943.