The Lover’s Pinch – Launch

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We're proud to announce the launch of our latest product:  a first poetry collection by Brecon based Gareth Writer-Davies.

  • Shortlisted for the Bridport Prize (2014 and 2017) and the Erbacce Prize (2014)
  • Commended in the Prole Laureate Competition (2015) and Prole Laureate for 2017
  • Commended in the Welsh Poetry Competition (2015) and Highly Commended in 2017
  • His pamphlets ‘Bodies’, was published in 2015
  • ‘Cry Baby’ published in 2017

  "Reading these poems you could say that the love poem is alive and, if not kicking, then beautifully stretching out its long limbs and casting a cool and appraising eye on both the beloved and the lover. And it is this gaze, compellingly detached and tender, that informs many of these hugely enjoyable poems.
In language that is lucid and spare, yet attentive to a subtle lyricism, this first full-length collection by Gareth Writer-Davies offers an honest look at the self, the man in relationship, through a romantic eroticism that is both playful and deadly serious."

Greta Stoddart Feb 2018

Pulsar Poetry Review by Andrew Barber

68pp: 198 x 129mm (UK B Format)


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We are open for submissions.

What are we looking for?  We’ll know when we see it. Please send only an introductory note and/or a small sample of your work together with a short bio.  Submissions by email only to or using the contact form on this website.

Absolutely no simultaneous submissions.