David Van-Cauter on Mirror Lake

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Extract from my blog…

...Written towards the end of my round-the-world trip, which inspired several of the poems…

Relaxing in Vancouver with overcast weather, reminding me of home, less than two weeks away, seems like a good excuse to ruminate on the whole trip so far.

What have I learned? One key thing is that in order to see something clearly, you have to take a step back and look at it from a distance and with some perspective. I’ve had some rough years, but it’s time to move on, reassess, work out what’s important to me now. There’s a massive world out here and it’s often easy to forget that when you feel trapped in your own tiny realm of existence. It’s like opening the windows and letting the fresh air flow in. In an ideal world, everyone would be given the time and money to do this – it would open so many eyes and make people a lot less inclined to kill each other all the time. But I think it’s possible to open your mind without going to all the effort of going around the world. You can do it in small ways, every day. Look for the unfamiliar and the unique within the things you take for granted. Be prepared to do the unexpected, and that way, when bad things happen, you can take it in your stride and deal with them. I’ve been hibernating and hiding for too long. Back home, I’ll still be travelling.

Painting, Morning on Mirror Lake, Yosemite by Frederick Ferdinand Schafer