Telegraph Pole Appreciation for Beginners


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This is the book you've all been waiting for. And probably your entire lives if only you knew it.  Prize-winning*1 author Martin Evans has put together 150 pages of the finest, most colourful, most distalgesic telegraphic information and other stuff about your favourite tall wooden sticky-uppy things.  Many years in the making.  It's got 150 shiny pages, a front, a back, an inside as well as an outside and words galore.  Plus we know you love facts so we've put in some of those as well.  There's arty stuff, historic stuff, old poles, aligned poles, johnny foreigner poles, true stuff, made-up stuff and lots more. This is the book that just keeps on giving.

Here are three words that the publishers used to describe this book:

  • Humourous
  • Whimsical
  • Eccentric

Here are three more words.  Ones the publishers didn't use.

  • Audacious
  • Heartwarming
  • Cumulonimbus

Orders restricted to 100 copies per customer.  Sorry, but we are having to be strict on this one.

*1 Low Jump competition, Bronington Primary School, 3rd Place; British Sausage Time wrist watch prize draw: 1st place; 12 tins Kattomeat in Wrexham Evening Leader word-search competition, ca 1983: 1st place; Gallon of 5W-30 engine oil in Betws school PTA evening tombola: so 1st again.

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Dimensions 14.8 × 21.0 mm

150 pages







made up stuff



lots. Mostly of telegraph poles